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Newly Renovated Overfelt House Audience Juipin Dancers Sylvia and Poetry Winner CMF Craft Table Great Hat Busy Girl "Need More Moon Money" Sweet Face Juipin Dancer 2 Juipin Dancers Our Audience L'il Juipin Dancers Storytellers More Fun Crafts Caligraphy With Pa Exhibit Table Dancers Bow Puppett Show Puppett Show Kids Sophia Shatas-Violinist Eric the Moon Money Man Lantern Making MC-Charlotte Howling Chinese YoYo Howling Chinese YoYo 2 Poetry Winner What a cute face There's that video guy San Jose's Finest A Big Smile Crowds at the craft tables CMF Rules "You mean it's over now? 2005 CMF Committee

Photography By:
Ron Lowe
Erik Chee
Christine Vo - IHS Key Club

Band Band - Tubas Band Band - Ngoc Sylvia and Chin Chin Crowd Junie, Patti, Sylvia Band - Trumpets Crowd Crowd Band Independence High Band Band Start Fishsticks Craft Table Big Brother Lion Dance Lion Dance Lion Dance Lion Dance Bike Puppett Chinese Masks Kids Having Fun Sylvia Lowe EK Pupetteers EK Pupetteers Here They Come Mom and Family Fantasia Artist Fantasia Attentive Audience Fantasia Fantasia Fantasia Fantasia Takes a Bow Kids & Crafts A Teaching Mom Audience U-Music Percussion Ensamble Good Friends Play Tatoo Fancy Bag Sweet Little Face Family "Wow, a Spectroscope" Homero Oyarce Nayo Ullao Homero and Nayo Ding Gao & Homero Oyarce Ding Gao - Bass Baritone Ding sings Opera Time to go home One last picture please Ngoc and Val Sylvia and Amanda Val and Amanda

Even More Pictures from Past years...

chinesedancers1.jpg | chinesedancers2.jpg | chinesedancers3.jpg | chinesedancers4.jpg
chinesedancers5.jpg | chinesedancers6.jpg | chinesedancers7.jpg | chinesedancers8.jpg
chinesedancers9.jpg | chinesedancers10.jpg | crafts1.jpg | crafts2.jpg | crafts3.jpg | crafts4.jpg
crafts5.jpg | crafts6.jpg | crafts7.jpg | crafts8.jpg | crafts9.jpg | crafts10.jpg | exhibits1.jpg
exhibits2.jpg | exhibits3.jpg | exhibits4.jpg | exhibits5.jpg | exhibits6.jpg | exhibits7.jpg
exhibits8.jpg | exhibits9.jpg | liondance1.jpg | liondance2.jpg | liondance3.jpg | liondance4.jpg
our-mcs.jpg | poetry1.jpg | taiko1.jpg | taiko2.jpg | taiko3.jpg | taiko4.jpg | taiko5.jpg
taiko6.jpg | taiko7.jpg

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Erika does crafts CMF Audience ...and another poetry winner Sylvia with poetry winner Artist CMF Duck Li'l Tatoo Artist Wildlife Exhibit Table Juipin Dancer CMF Crowd Kansen Chu Presents Award to Pauline Lowe Juipin Dancers 2 Juipin Dancers Fun Day Puppett Show ChengBo Su - Cantonese Opera Flutist Fun "Fishsticks" Storyteller Makena Lowe Happy Crowd Martial Arts Exhibit Liondancers 2 Liondancers Charlotte & Jonathan Busy at crafts CMF Friends IHS CMF Crafts The "famous" E Hats Sylvia on mic Kids setting up 3 CMF Kids "Oops" Kids Setting up 2 Kids setting up1